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Lighting the Fires of the Foundry

I've wanted to start a blog or newsletter for a while, but it's tough to maintain a regular posting schedule with everything else I have in motion. However, it's also becoming increasingly important to find a way to stay in touch with the Ironsworn community without relying on social media.

To that end, I'm launching The Foundry here at Welcome!

What is The Foundry? Good question. It's mostly a newsletter, I guess? But also a blog. And also a free-form environment for a quick announcement or update. Posts may include a mix of Ironsworn news, sneak peeks, TTRPG ramblings, info on my other game design projects, spotlights on content and resources from the Ironsworn and solo TTRPG community, deals and discounts, perhaps some video content if I am brave enough, and just shouting out stuff that I think is cool. Some posts will be frustratingly brief. Others will be annoyingly aimless. It's essentially what might have otherwise been tweets, but more long-winded, and haphazardly collected for your convenience. Or maybe Patreon without the paid subscription. I'm doing a great job selling this concept, right?

For now, you can expect an update rate of once every week or two, sometimes less. If you're subscribed (thank you!), you'll get an email link when there's a new post.

For those who were already subscribed to the Ironsworn email list, I totally understand if this new frequency of updates is too much, or the content unwanted. There is a convenient unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email, and no harm, no foul if you choose to opt out. Everything will be archived on the site at, so I hope you'll still stop by now and then. If you're not yet subscribed, and want to stay in the loop, toss your email address into this very simple form (or scroll down to the bottom of this post).

With that extended intro out of the way, let's dive into a few à la carte topics for this first update.


What's New With Starforged?

Starforged is the standalone sci-fi evolution of the Ironsworn RPG. After a successful Kickstarter last year, the final Starforged Digital Edition was delivered to backers in April, and we're in the process of fulfilling the physical rewards. Outside of North America, most backers and preorders have been delivered. Shipments inside the US and Canada are scheduled to start in the first week of December.

Did you miss out on the earlier opportunities to jump on board? You can get the Starforged Digital Edition now via our official store, DriveThruRPG, or Or you can sign up to be notified when the Deluxe Edition hits stores via our distribution partner Modiphius in early 2023.

Take a look at the Starforged Deluxe Edition in the video below.


New IRONSWORN Co-Op Actual Play

A co-op actual play series on the Basement Fort YouTube channel popped up in my feed this week. I am really impressed by the production values, and it looks to be a light, fun show--though we'll see what the dice have to say about that. Please give these creators a watch and check out their Patreon.

It's a huge honor to have so many talented and generous people taking the time to play and share Ironsworn and Starforged. Many thanks to all who do!


Creator Spotlight: Blackwell Games

Anna Blackwell is a prolific designer making fantastic solo game experiences. Here's a few recommendations to get you started:

  • Delve is a solo fantasy dungeon map drawing game

  • Umbra is a solo map drawing game that puts you in control of a sci-fi colony

  • Apothecaria is a whimsical solo journalling RPG set in a Ghibli inspired fantasy world.

These games are also supported with an array of great supplements. Check out Anna's complete library at, and you can support her work at Patreon.


Stargazer 101

Stargazer is the web-based app for playing Starforged solo. It's the sibling-app to the excellent Iron Journal, and includes everything you need to undertake perilous spacefaring quests. Matt Risby (of The Bad Spot Podcast fame) was kind enough to put together this video tutorial for using Stargazer. It's a powerful app, but with that power comes a bit of complexity. Matt gets you up to speed with all of the basics in no time flat.

Many of you will be aware of this guide based on my posts elsewhere, but it's worth spotlighting again.


Errant Adventures Returns to Starforged

The always-excellent Errant Adventures podcast has started a 6-episode Starforged miniseries. The adventure begins with a crash landing and a journey to a foreboding precursor vault. Catch it in your preferred podcast feed.


Ironsworn & Me in 2023

Hey, that rhymes!

2022 is nearly done, which is difficult to fathom--especially when it feels like the world is stuck in a grim 2020 timeloop. It's been a very busy couple of years developing, launching, and delivering Starforged, but I'll be keeping up the pace in 2023. Here's what is planned. Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

  • Sundered Isles - this supplement of seafaring adventure for Ironsworn: Starforged is in development. I am hoping to have it relatively content complete in the first few months of 2023, and Starforged Kickstarter backers will have ongoing sneak peeks. The actual release date is dependent on other factors--particularly art. For more on Sundered Isles, check out this designer commentary in a recent Kickstarter update.

  • Dragonbane Solo - Myself and Matt Click are developing a mini-adventure/solo mode for Free League's Drakar och Demoner / Dragonbane. Dragonbane is a light, fun game of fantasy adventure with a legacy dating back to the early 80's. We're super excited to be working with the team at Free League again.

  • Secret Project #1 - A potential project for another publisher, related to solo/GM-less roleplaying.

  • Secret Project #2 - An Ironsworn project that is in the early stages of development. I hope to announce in 2023.

In Sundered Isles, you'll sail the seas, skies, or aetherial tides. Art by Joshua Meehan.

A work-in-progress character sheet for Sundered Isles. Design and illustration by Galen Pejeau.

Exclusive Deal: Save on the Ironsworn Print Edition

As your reward for undertaking a journey to the bottom of this post, get the award-winning hardcover Ironsworn print edition at a special discount. Normally $28.50. Now only $23.50.

Price is good only through this discount link, and this deal ends November 30th. Thank you for your support!


Until Next time...

Thank you for visiting The Foundry! This format will undoubtedly change over time, so please bear with me through some growing pains.

I hope you have a healthy and happy holiday season.


Sundered Isles is Here!


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