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Sundered Isles

An expansion of epic seafaring adventure for Ironsworn: Starforged.




  • Setting info for a world of far-flung islands and perilous seas

  • New guidelines and options for the Starforged system, including ship and crew management, naval battles, seafaring navigation, wealth and treasure, character downtime scenes, and more.

  • World-building tools for launching your seafaring campaign, including forging the truths of your world, building a backdrop of clashing factions, creating your character and ship, and more.

  • Massive collection of system-agnostic generators and random tables, including seafaring events and encounters, weather, island landscapes, people, shipwrecks, settlements, ruins, caves, treasures, and more.

  • The cursed die, a new option to reveal the strange and supernatural aspects of your setting, and dozens of cursed oracle tables.

Sundered Isles is an expansion for the Ironsworn: Starforged tabletop roleplaying game. It includes new gameplay and character options, inspiring worldbuilding exercises, and a vast array of tools and random tables for your nautical adventures.

The Sundered Isles is a realm of wind and tide, mariners and marauders, rebels and empires, myths and magic. In pursuit of your sworn vows, you will chart a path through turbulent waters, venture across perilous island landscapes, delve into forsaken ruins and tide-swept caves, and visit far-flung communities. Over time, you will grow to command great ships and loyal crews, standing fast against dreadful and tyrannical forces that threaten to sweep like a maelstrom across these vast seas.

Are you ready to set a course for adventure?



This comprehensive expansion couldn't be contained in a single book! The Sundered Isles Print Edition includes two volumes — each in a table-friendly, lay-flat, wirebound format. If you prefer digital, both books are combined in a single PDF for the Sundered Isles Digital Edition.


Guidebook One includes setting details, new gameplay options, and inspiring worldbuilding exercises. This is your guide to a realm of mighty ships, perilous seas, and rebellious heroes.

Guidebook Two includes a vast collection of generators and random tables for far-flung islands and uncharted seas. What perils and opportunities lie over the horizon? Look within to find out.


New Path

Sundered Isles offers 61 new character assets for the seafaring setting, many of which are also usable in your Starforged spacefaring campaigns. Mix-and-match assets from Sundered Isles and Starforged for limitless possibilities!

The new assets include:

  • An array of modules to upgrade and customize your seagoing flagship, including LUCKY FIGUREHEAD, MAP ROOM, ARMORED PROW, GILDED ADORNMENTS, and much more.
  • New support vehicles, including a LONGBOAT, DIVING BELL, and — for more fantastic campaigns — a FLYING MACHINE.

  • A sizable collection of new character paths. Play as a daring SWASHBUCKLER, a charming SOCIALITE, a cunning SPY, a dreadful NECROMANCER, a robotic CONSTRUCT, and much more.

  • New animal companions, including a PARROT, MONKEY, and JUNGLE CAT. Want more firepower? Ride a DRAGON and bring chaos to your foes. Or summon the mightiest companion of them all, THE KRAKEN!

  • New deeds to represent how your character makes their mark upon the world  — or the world upon them. Build a COHORT of specialists among your crew. Forge a mighty fleet and become a FLEET COMMANDER. Or become one of the cursed UNDEAD.


Explore a Cursed World

Sundered Isles introduces a new option to reveal the supernatural and eerie aspects of the isles — the cursed die.

Like your oracle dice, the cursed die is ten-sided, but should be a special color or material to distinguish it from the oracle dice. Choose a die that evokes an eerie quality. A malevolence.

Roll the cursed die alongside your oracle dice when checking for an answer on a random table. After rolling, look at the value of your cursed die. Is it a 10? If so, your answer is cursed, and you should use the cursed version of that table. You've revealed a strange or horrific aspect of the world, such as an uncanny event, grim discovery, strange location, confounding technology, monstrous foe, or ghostly presence.

Sundered Isles includes dozens of cursed oracle tables. You'll never know what awaits you beyond the horizon!.



Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Sundered Isles Digital Edition is available now.


Or, preorder the Sundered Isles Print Edition and receive immediate access to the Digital Edition at no extra cost.



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