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Profitable Bets: 5 markets to make your bets more profitable

We bet for fun, to give more excitement to matches and sporting events and, things as they are, also for the money. It is clear that we are not going to become gold betting (it is the first rule of the bettor), but we can get extra money that always comes in handy thanks to our knowledge of the different sports competitions. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to betting, their favorite sports or markets, their favorite tipster, etc., but we must also talk about profitable bets.

But before talking about markets, it is worth defining what profitable bets are. We can say that they are those that have a great value and very few options to go wrong, always with a good odds that allow us to achieve an interesting profit. For example, betting on a big team like Barça or Real Madrid to beat the bottom team at odds of 1.10 is an almost sure bet, but it is not very profitable. On the other hand, the markets we will see below can give us very profitable bets.

Search, compare and choose the best odds

Undoubtedly, the first tip to get the maximum profitability from our sports bets is to compare the odds offered by the different bookmakers and choose the highest one. If we limit ourselves to the sweepstakes business market, the difference can be just a few cents, but in the case of more specific bets, such as handicaps, goal scorer or corner kicks, we can find significant differences between what one bookmaker offers and another.

It is not surprising that while a footballer's goal is paid at €2 in one bookie, others have the odds above 1.60. Investing the same amount, for example €1, we see that in the first bookmaker we get a profit of €1, doubling the bet, and in the second we would only get €0.60. The possibility of comparing odds and always choosing the best one is one of the reasons to have an account in more than one bookmaker, so that we always place the most profitable bet for our interests.

Profitable bets on the double chance

Regular followers of our forecasts will know that we have a certain devotion to this market. With the double chance we cover 66.6% of the possible outcomes, so that the chances of losing are reduced and the bet can become very profitable. We can hunt very interesting double chances above 1.70, even reaching 2.00. The key, as always when betting, is to make a good analysis of what the house offers us and how the teams arrive.

Often the name of the team or its position in the standings influences more than the situation in which they arrive, both in terms of injury or suspension, fatigue for having played during the week or FIFA virus, etc. as well as the trend of the team. Throughout the season each team goes through spectacular moments and other downturns, and it is not uncommon for the team on the rise to win or draw against a priori superior team that is in a bad moment. It minimizes risks and is also very profitable in combined bets.

Bets without a variable

Undoubtedly, the best known bet here is the bet without a draw or Asian handicap 0, in which we eliminate the possibility of a draw -null bet- and we bet on the 50/50 favorite. The odds are lower than in a bet but can be equally good, especially when the odds at 1, X and 2 are quite even, above par and even over 3.0, but there is a team that has a hard time winning the match due to its situation. A good analysis is key.

In the same way that we eliminate the X, some bookmakers allow us to bet without the home or away team, so we choose between 1 and X or 2 and X depending on whether we cancel the away or home option respectively. As in the no draw bet, when the odds for the three options are very close, it can be a very profitable bet. For example, if two teams with a tendency to draw face each other, we can bet on the X, cancelling the team with more chances of winning the match.

Asian handicaps

At the beginning we said that it does not make much sense to bet on the victory of a team at a very low odds, but an Asian -1 improves the odds of the favorite and cancels the bet if it wins by the minimum. Beyond this -1, we have a wide variety of Asian handicaps, especially the 0.25, which allow us to obtain very profitable bets where we get a good odds if the predictions are fulfilled and we are partially covered if something goes wrong. They are a very interesting tool when it comes to improve odds.

Betting on goals in profitable betting systems

We have the same scenario with Asian totals. The goal markets are very popular, almost as popular as the, but sometimes the odds of an over/under do not convince us, and the next one goes out of hand. Here we can put an Asian total, either exact or with a 0.25 or 0.75, to ensure profits. As in the case of handicaps, the objective would be to look for the best odds with more possibilities of winning, totally or partially annulling a result in order to maximize the profitability of the investment.

Another profitable bet in the world of goals is the "number of goals" market, or similar. It is a market where we have several options, generally 0-1, 2-3 and 4 or more goals, and we have to choose one, generally with a better odds than the over/under. Of course, it is important to analyze well the scoring trends and statistics of both teams, for and against, at home for the home team and away for the away team.

Statistical betting

There are more and more betting markets, among which statistics betting stands out: corner kicks, cards, offside, fouls, possession, team or player shots... It is often said that numbers do not lie, and although statistics are there to be broken, it is easy to find a statistical bet that is very profitable. In markets such as corner handicaps or corners that a team will take, we can find real bargains that will make your bets even more profitable, obtaining higher profits than if we bet on conventional markets.

As you may have noticed, some of them are markets that go unnoticed when talking about betting in general, for example on the radio or on TV, but if you look closely at the different markets, you can easily find very profitable bets. All you need is a little bit of luck. Some, such as scorecast bets, can be very profitable, but they are also a bit like playing Russian roulette - the same goes for exacta bets. A separate case is live betting, where you can also find very profitable bets if you are watching the match and you are able to anticipate the bookmaker and what will happen on the pitch.

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